The most advanced process in Carpet Cleaning to date!

Our process combines 3 different cleaning methods into 1, gaining maximum benefit from each. Our machine, along with our 100% Green cleaning solution, not only removes surface soil but also removes fine, oily film other carpet cleaning methods can’t.  Plus, it removes more soil, spots & stains than any other cleaning solution available. It also eliminates any soapy residue left from previous cleanings and will not allow dry soil to stick to the carpet.


By using less water and more absorption your carpet dries quicker and will stay clean longer than if cleaned with any other method!! Your carpet is left soft, fluffy and beautiful!!

We are blessed to have earned the reputation of being the best cleaners in the Joplin, MO area, and doubly blessed after 28 years to have recently found THE most amazing solution EVER!  We have never seen results as great as this and now you, our valued client, will be able to benefit from this exclusive new discovery!

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